"The decision as to when to photograph, the actual click of the shutter, is partly controlled from the outside, by the flow of life, but it also comes from the mind and the heart of the artist. The photograph is his vision of the world and expresses, however subtly, his values and convictions."
Paul Strand

"The purpose of art is to raise people to a higher level of awareness than they would otherwise attain on their own."

   I do believe that everyone is born with an instinct for art. Revealing it through photography has become my lifework.

   There is so much to know, to feel and to understand and I devote every possible moment to reflecting on what has been observed.

   Transforming a real object into an interpretable artistic image by means of composition is what photography means for me.

   Finding a reality scene that an eye usually does not notice or passes by, withdrawing it out of the context, making it independent and giving it a new life is what absorbs me in my work.

   This new live form provoking thoughts and feelings is what I would like to invite a spectator reveal in my pictures.